Hi! My name’s Amanda, and I hail from Pennsylvania, USA!

I’m a high school student college freshman at main campus Penn State who plans on having an awesome career in engineering! I want to share all the stuff I do with the world! I love learning new maker-related skills, and I also want to help others learn!

I enjoy utilizing platforms like the Raspberry Pi and Arduino in my experimentations, but I  also like traditional electronics like the 555 IC too. I like reverse-engineering things, both old and new, to see how they work and maybe score some extra components. Oh, and I like 3D printing and CAD! My favorite simple electronic component is the RGB LED (so many colors!). I dabble in a lot of coding languages, though my preference for frequent use is Python 3.

Find me on:


GitHub Gist

Etsy (I sell crocheted ‘stuffed-animals’ of electronics components!) ***I’m at college now so I can’t make them.***

Feel free to reach out to me for any reason using the contact form below! I love hearing from people.


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