Homemade Raspberry Pi Case

pi case by itself raspberry pi model b

So a while back I was thinking of making a new case for my Raspberry Pi and now I’ve finally gotten around to finishing one!

Items I used:

  • White cardboard box that my RPi Model B came in, so it was already sized to shape
  • 1/4 ” thick anti-static foam salvaged from the hard drive section of an old computer tower
  • Four rubber end caps from a Meccano Erector set to use as rubber feet for the case
  • Silver spray paint
  • Red spray paint
Parts used to make the case.
Parts used to make the case.

This was a make-it-up-as-you-go kind of project for me. I first cut all the peripheral holes one at a time, starting with the USB and Ethernet ports. Then I cut the foam to size and cut a big ventilation hole in the bottom of the case directly underneath the Broadcom chip.

The artistic part came next. I spray-painted the entire case silver to give it a metallic look and used black paint and a crumpled paper towel to give it a sponged, scratched-up look around the sides. I also added the visage of the Raspberry Pi logo using red spray paint and a 3D printed template of the logo. It didn’t come out too good maybe because I jiggled it a bit during spray-painting and didn’t block it properly. It goes with the sturdy-used-tech theme of the case I think though.

 The bottom of the case, with the big ventilation hole and the rubber feet.
The bottom of the case, with the big ventilation hole and the rubber feet.

The last step was adding the rubber feet and putting it into action! The only problem I noticed is that it does get a little warm in the case. I probably should’ve added more ventilation holes in the bottom since the anti-static foam traps the heat. This isn’t really an issue for me, though, because I don’t run my Pi for very long periods of time.

raspberry pi case in action model b
The case in action.

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