Two Possible Pi Cases

my two pi case ideas

I’ve contemplated making a different case for my Raspberry Pi Model B and I’ve come up with two different ideas.

Case Option #1: A Heavily Decorated Cardboard Case

pi in cardboard caseI still have the cardboard box that my current Model B plastic case came in, and I could use the pre-sized cardboard box to make a simple dust case for my Pi. I would just have to cut some holes in the box for the peripherals, and maybe add some foam padding on the inside bottom. The fun part would be embellishing the outside of the case with glitter and unicorn stickers. (okay, I would NEVER put unicorn stickers on a Pi EVER, that would be a crime) I could add some kind of cool artwork with circuit symbols on it.

Of course, it would be an amazing pun to buy a mini raspberry pie to use the box it comes in as a Pi case, but, alas, I’ve never seen one in the store.

Case Option #2: Re-purposed Portable Cassette/Radio Player Case

cassette radio playerMy other case idea is using to put the Pi in an old AM/FM radio and cassette player that I found. The cassette function never worked on it, so I took it apart, to discover that the Pi fit quite nicely in it. The radio function still works, and I haven’t decided if I should leave it for an extra function to the case, or remove to leave more room for the Pi. It does fit on top of the radio circuit quite nicely, but I would have to add some kind of insulator to seperate the radio circuit from the Pi and I would only be able to run the Pi headless because there’s not enough space to attach any peripherals.

I could remove the radio circuit completely or building my own smaller radio, but I’m probably better off using the Pi as an internet radio.There would be plenty of room to also add a Liion battery and turn it into a completely wireless case for the Pi to run it headless.

pi inside radio player

I’ll be working on one of these soon and I’ll post a image of what I end up doing!


2 thoughts on “Two Possible Pi Cases

  1. Repurposing the radio case sounds like a fun project. Since space is limited you may consider a low-profile MicroSD card adapter and use a MicroSD instead of a full-size SD card. That would give you some extra room. I just got two of them from Adafruit a couple of weeks ago. It’s nice to not have a card sticking out and getting in the way. At $2.50 each I think they’re quite a bargain. You can check them out at

    If you decide to go with the cardboard box, use some thin anti-static foam for the padding.

    No matter which one you decide on, be sure to cut some holes for ventilation.


    • Thank you for the feedback! I hadn’t thought about the SD card profile on the model B, so I may have to get one of those micro SD adapters. I was planning on using an anti-static plastic bag instead of foam, since I don’t have foam readily accessible. I think I’m going to remove the AM/FM radio in the tape player, just because the circuit will be a little messy to deal with.

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