My Recommended List of Coding Applications and Cloud Software

There’s a large number of different cloud based coding related websites and apps out there that can help make it easier to write, share, and run your code. Here’s a short list of websites and free software that I would recommend!

Codeshare – Codeshare is a cloud based site that allows you to share your code easily through a link. It’s also neat because it will update every time you change the code, so you can share in real-time without hassle. It’s also fun to change the syntactical highlight color scheme. I use Codeshare to share my Python code!

codeshare img

Enthought Canopy – Canopy is a full-fledged Python IDE that is intended for scientific and data analysis programming, that you install on your computer. I found out about it through MIT’s CS and Programming with Python MOOC that I’m currently taking through EdX. My computer has always had a problem with Python’s IDLE and running programs, but Canopy provides a Python IDE that is not dependent on IDLE. The free version is great for an IDLE substitute, especially when IDLE isn’t working.

canopy img

Codecademy – Codecademy is one of the best ways to learn to code! It’s simple and completely cloud-based, so it’s easy to get started. There’s quite a few languages to pick from, plus it’s good if you need a brush-up on a specific language.

codecademy image – is cloud based terminal editor that allows you to use the shells for a ton of different languages, from Python and Ruby to C++ and PHP. It’s great for function testing, experimenting, and learning on the fly or when you don’t have a language installed on your computer. img

Drive Notepad – If you have a Google account, you can use this simple but useful app to create code files within your Google Drive. It’s just like Microsoft Notepad, but it has syntactical highlights, and it’s in the cloud. I use it to back up code files. Drive Notepad’s only drawback is that you currently can’t share files.

drive notepad img

So these are a few of the apps I use on a regular basis. If you have any other apps or software that you use that I missed here, please feel free to comment about them!

You can probably tell from all the screenshots above that I’m biased toward Python. 🙂


6 thoughts on “My Recommended List of Coding Applications and Cloud Software

    • I’ve never heard of Sublime Text before now! I like that it’s way more functional than something like MS Notepad, but it’s not nearly as confusing as an IDE like Geany. I’m liking all the keyboard shortcuts it has! I am definitely going to put it to use. Thanks for mentioning it! 🙂


      • No worries; to me it’s unthinkable going back to something like notepad after Sublime, its syntax highlighting (it also has a number of excellent different colour schemes), variety of languages, and integrated build systems are fantastic. Being able to hit Ctrl+B and instantly see your program run without it being a bloated IDE is great.
        The two best bits for me are the Stino plugin, which allows you to use it as an Arduino IDE, directly uploading from within Sublime (the Arduino IDE isn’t exactly the best text editor on the block :P), and multiple cursors; if you hit Control and click in another place (as many time as you like), you get multiple cursors, something you can’t live without once you’ve got used to!
        Excuse my rambling, but it’s the one thing that’s improved my coding productivity more than anything else!


        • The text color schemes are so much fun!!! It’s worth using Sublime just for that! My favorite scheme is spacecadet. I’m used to using IDLE, the Arduino IDE, and Geany, and I’ve tried Code::Blocks but didn’t like it. Geany is okay, but confusing, and I use it just because you can find variables and functions easily. IDLE is reliable but it’s really simple. I’m not a huge fan of IDEs because they’re way too complicated for the majority of my coding ventures. Notepad was good for me when I was dabbling in html, but it’s so archaic compared to what else you can use.

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