Tech Tear Down – Comparing Two Video Game Controllers

Time for an insides look at two old video game controllers: one from the Playstation 2 (2000), and one from the Sega Genesis System (early 1990s).  The PS2 controller was not in working condition, so I completely teared it down, while the Sega Genesis controller still worked so I had to be more careful with it.

Because the two controllers were made about a decade apart, the Sega Genesis controller is extremely simple compared to the PS2 one. After removing the screws on the back, all there was inside was a PCB with capacitive buttons and one IC. Because the controller is completely digital (unlike the PS2), there’s really no need for the controller to have any other elements.

sega genesis controller pcbinside a sega genesis controller_1










The PS2 controller was an entirely different story. It was jam packed with all sorts of stuff. First of all, the PS2 controller has analog joysticks that take up quite a bit of space up on the inside. There’s one PCB, to which a rectangular LED is soldered as well as multiple ICs. The PS2 controller also has a vibration affect, created by two DC motors with off-centered weights attached to them. Like the Sega Genesis Controller, the PS2 controller has digital capacitive buttons. What was interesting was how the little iconic x-o-square-triangle buttons popped out. I might be able to integrate them into a future electronics project!

PS2 controller with parts intact100_4196   buttons and vibrators in PS2 controllerplastic shell of controller


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