Tech Tear Down – DeWalt Drill

dewalt drill_assembledNow I’m reverse engineering some power tools! Since my dad got a fancy new drill, he let me disassemble one of his old ones that he lacks a battery for.

Taking it apart was relatively easy. Once the big screws that held the two halves together were removed, the yellow shell popped apart. The inside of the drill was rather dirty, from years of dust and dirt entering through slits near the motor. The DC motor itself was large (about an inch in diameter), and hooked directly to trigger mechanism, which hooks to a rechargeable 12v battery. There was quite a few well-greased metal gears connected to the motor shaft that maximized the motion of the drill shaft.

dewalt drill_gears

dewalt drill_motor

dewalt drill_pieces

I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to do with all the pieces, but the gears are pretty cool!


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