Oscillating Fan With Arduino – Part 1

Having made a simple air conditioning system with the Arduino Uno a few months ago, I’ve decided to upgrade that project by adding a servo to the fan. I spent a little time yesterday to build an assembly out of Erector set pieces for the 2 inch computer fan and standard servo. I created a primitive prototype with a potentiometer that can control the position of the servo, thus making the fan ‘oscillate.’

oscillating fan with arduino

Now that I have most of the mechanics figured out, I plan on adding an indicator LED, temperature sensor, and a button to toggle between turning on and off the oscillating. I’ll keep the potentiometer to control turn on the threshold temperature for the fan. I will also probably add an external power supply; the Arduino’s 5v doesn’t cut it for the maximum fan speed. It’ll be a nice little desk fan once I’m finished!

Arduino code for the final version will be posted in Part 2!


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