Tools of the Amateur Electronic Maker

tools of the electromaker_4-2-15I’d like to consider myself an amateur electrical and design maker, and here’s a list of the tools I use regularly for my breadboard prototyping and reverse engineering.

  • needle-nosed pliers
  • standard pliers
  • wire cutters
  • toenail clippers (they actually work better than wire cutters for trimming smaller gauge component leads)
  • large phillips screwdriver
  • small phillips screwdriver (this is the green one I use for all my Tech Tear Downs)
  • small plastic bead organizer (for organizing components)
  • knife (for quick wire stripping used with the wire cutters, otherwise I have to borrow my dad’s wire strippers)
  • graph paper (for drawing schematics and writing ideas down, regular paper would work fine, but graph paper is waaaay cooler)
  • a blue pen that leaks ink
  • calculator (faster than calculating in Google or on the computer calculator)

The pliers are best suited for reverse engineering things, and for removing or placing wires in tight places on a breadboard. I haven’t gotten into soldering things yet, but I’m perfectly happy with breadboarding for now.


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