Tech Tear Down – Computer Mouse


1_computer mouse artsy PCB shot

I had the sudden urge the other day to tear apart another electronic device, the victim being the computer mouse that I use for my Raspberry Pi that happened to being lying so very innocently on my desk. The picture above is an ‘artsy’ flash shot of the inside of the mouse.

Taking it apart was easy. There was only one screw in the center of the undersided that I removed with my trusty old mini Phillips screwdriver. The bottom and the top plastic pieces easily came apart, revealing a PCB pressed into the bottom, connected to the wire coming out of the mouse. The PCB itself wasn’t attached with glue or screws, so it popped out easily.

2_computer mouse parts labeledYou can see the little red left and right click buttons in the image below. When you click the mouse, the plastic of the shell of the mouse hits the read button. It’s not plastic that makes the clicking noise when it hits the button, its the button itself that makes the noise. The scroll wheel has a third little red button under it that allows for the scroll wheel to click. In the middle, there’s a motion sensor that detects where the mouse is moving. Inside the black box on the right is a red LED, the ‘laser’ that lights up the bottom when the mouse is on. In addition there’s a multitude of caps and resistors.


In the images below, you can see the bottom of the PCB, and how it fits into the plastic casing. There’s a little transparent piece of plastic that goes under the PCB, and it helps focus the LED light. 3_computer mouse plastic casing4_computer mouse PCB in position



2 thoughts on “Tech Tear Down – Computer Mouse

  1. I love reading all these tech tear down posts! I’m not much of an electronics person myself, so it’s cool when someone like you can break it down for us laymen!


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