Happy Arduino Day!

arduino_Uno R3

Today is the Arduino’s birthday!

For those who are laymen, the Arduino is a microcontroller, or a device that allows you to program circuits to do what you want. The Arduino  (there are many different models, but the most commonly used is the Arduino Uno) is open-source hardware, meaning anyone can build off of it and make changes to it, and it’s not for profit. The Arduino is used by makers to prototype electronics. The Arduino is an amazing tool for anyone interested in building something totally new.

To celebrate Arduino Day 2015, I’ve been working on my first 4X4 LED matrix using a shift register integrated circuit on a breadboard! I’ve built most of the circuit, but I have to fix some of the wiring so it’s not as crowded. You’ll notice that I tried to color coordinate the wires. I’m still working on the programming, but when I’m finished, the LEDs matrix will display some cool patterns!

4x4 led matrix prototype


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