Tech Tear Down – Toy Cellphone

toy story phone diagramReceiving the throw-aways  from my sister’s toy phone collection for use in my electrical endeavors, I opened up an old Disney store Toy Story fake cell phone to see what I would find. Basically it has  17 buttons, which create assorted noises and blink LEDs on the ‘screen’ and in the antenna. Or at least it used to, because the batteries are long dead.

Taking apart the back first near the batteries, revealed the capacitive printed circuit board for the rubber buttons. On the back side of it, there’s a couple 5% tolerance resistors. Under that, there’s an 8Ω speaker commonly found in many electronics, and you can also see the coin cell holders and the LED connections. The date on the PCB said it was made in June 2003. Other than the screws holding the toy phone together from the outside, the plastic snaps together and keeps the LEDs and PCB in place.

Being a throw-away item, I was able to obtain a few parts for my own use. The resistors are unusable, because the leads are to short, and I have not yet obtained a soldering iron. I always keep all screws from electronics, because I know they’ll come in handy someday.

100_3833parts salvaged from toy story cell phonetoy cell phone capacitive PCB


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