Want to Learn Python Programming?

Programming is definitely a useful skill to have. With so many applications, from making games and data analysis programs to constructing software systems and building electronic circuits.

If your’re a beginning programmer, it would be a great idea to start learning using the Python programming language. Python is high-level, object oriented langauge (If you don’t know what that means, you’ll find out soon!) and uses easy-to-type-and-read syntax, which makes it a good first programming language. Python is widely used for both hobbyist and professional applications.

There are two versions of Python (2 and 3), they’re very similar but they’re incompatiable with one another. There’s much debate over which one is more useful or best for learning programming, but you’ll find that most lengthy tutorials and other media use Python 3.

One of the best resources to start learning Python is the Invent With Python series of books by Al Sweigart. The first book in the series Invent Your Own Computer Games With Python starts at the very basics, including installing Python, and moves into programming fairly complex text-based games. The next two books, Making Games With Python and Pygame and Hacking Secret Ciphers With Python, build off of the first book. These are well-written and easy-to-understand, and I defintely recommend using them to learn Python even if you don’t want to explicitly program games. Probably the best part is that these books are available for free as ebooks! Check out the books’ website below.

Invent With Python Website

Another  great resource is the official Python tutorial. It’s more technical than the Invent With Python books, but it’s definitely useful. If you ever need some quick info on any aspect of the Python Language, check out the documentation first.

Official Python 3 Tutorial

Official Python 2 Tutorial


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